All sorts of Internet access from LoCall Australis
Mobile Phone Plans of all kinds for all users
It's just better VoIP
Phones for home or Business
All kinds of great hardware, as used by us!
Good Old Fashioned Aussie Service & Support
250 PackSSS Package

oCall Australis has all your communications needs covered - Some of ours services include:

  • Landline - for home & business
  • Internet Access - Dial Up, ADSL, Broadband, Wireless 3G, or via your mobile phone
  • Mobile Phones - a great range of plans & handsets
  • High Definition Internet Phone - we call it VoIP+ because it's just better VoIP. Use one of our devices for crystal clear conversations.
  • Websites & Hosting - yup, we do them too! All your services, with just one bill
  • NBN Connections available now - see
    To My Fibre

e have a great reputation for providing quality services & the best support in the business!

With over ten years providing services of this quality, you know we'll be around for many more years to come.

Sure, our techs are geeks, but they are smart geeks - we talk in your language & make things simple & no fuss. And we're Aussie's too, just like you, so you can understand us & we understand you.

All Aussie owned & operated for over ten years. That's a telecommunications company you want to use.

ou can use our services anywhere in Australia, be it the big smoke or the bush or anywhere in between.

We are Local, Regional, National & you can use our services almost anywhere.

We have Internet ADSL plans from 256Kbps to 1500Kbps, to ADSL 2, to Naked ADSL, right up to the latest NBN Fibre connections.

Our Mobile Plans start from a low $19 a month.

If you have dial up & want to upgrade - take a look at our Wireless 3G plans - Much faster internet at budget prices great for upgraders.

Call or email us if you have a question - more than happy to help.


Now in our 15th year250 PackFind out about our SSS PackageADSL plans with no data limitsADSL plans with no data limits